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In April we will select a new judge to succeed Judge Jude.  The job of circuit court judge is important to our community and it matters who we choose.


The most important qualities of a judge are experience, legal ability, and a commitment to our community.


I am proud of my record as a municipal court judge over the last ten years.  I believe that in presiding over tens of thousands of cases in the city court since 2006, I have demonstrated the fairness, intgegrity, and loyalty to the law the we hope for in a judge.  Prior to taking office, in my work as a prosecutor and a private trial attorney, I gained experience in the courtroom for which there is no substitute.  As an advocate in approximately 175  jury trials, I am the beneficiary of a practical education in experience, procedure, and substantive law which has trained me well for the analysis and decision making that is the work of a trial judge.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach evidence, procedure, and ethics to attorneys and judges over the last two decades. This work has kept me up to date on these fast changing areas and the chance to learn from my students, all experienced and talented judges and lawyers in their own right.  As an attorney, I am grateful to have received the highest rating in ability and ethical standards from Martindale Hubble.  My work as Chair of the state Supreme Court's committee on legal ethics for the last several years has been both an honor and an education in itself. 


I am from Racine County.  I was born here, raised here, returned here after graduating from law school, and raised two wonderful daughters here.  I have built my practice handling the legal matters of Racine County citizens.  As a judge, I know and care about the place I will serve, and that experience will serve me well as I hear the cases that will come before me. 

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